Products Warranty

Our fixtures are meticulously crafted, combining both handcrafted and industrial processes to ensure the highest quality. We are committed to delivering exceptional products, and to achieve this, we enforce stringent quality checks and test each item in real-life situations.

Our quality checks and rules encompass various aspects, including the selection of materials, compliance with installation standards, simplification of maintenance procedures, and attention to the aesthetics and finishing touches. Our ultimate objective is to provide high-end products that exceed customer expectations.

Repair & Replacement

Insideast offers a comprehensive warranty that covers the repair or replacement of our products. If, within the warranty period, a product is found to be defective, MetalWorks Morocco will undertake either repair or replacement, depending on the nature of the issue.

Please note that the warranty does not cover costs associated with installation, labor charges, or any other consequential expenses.

To initiate a warranty claim, it is essential to provide proof of purchase along with the request.

Warranty Coverage

We provide a lifetime mechanical warranty, which assures coverage for mechanical defects for as long as the original purchaser or homeowner continues to own and maintain the house in which the product is installed.

Additionally, all faucets and sinks are covered by a 5-year finish warranty, ensuring the durability and appearance of these items.

For wearable parts such as hoses, washers, seals, and other components subject to regular wear and tear, we offer a 2-year warranty.

Warranty Limitations

It's important to note the following limitations of our warranty:

  1. The warranty is only applicable to the initial purchaser or homeowner and is non-transferable.

  2. Normal wear and tear, which occurs over time with regular use, is not covered by the warranty.

  3. The warranty does not apply to products that have been repaired or altered by the initial purchaser without prior authorization from MetalWorks Morocco.

  4. Damage caused by misuse, negligence, faulty maintenance, or improper installation is not covered under the warranty.

  5. The warranty does not apply to products used in a manner contrary to their intended normal use.

We at MetalWorks Morocco are committed to providing outstanding fixtures and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our warranty serves as a testament to the confidence we have in the quality and reliability of our products.