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Moroccan Engraved Towel Holders For Bathroom Walls

Moroccan Engraved Towel Holders For Bathroom Walls

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Introducing the mesmerizing Unlacquered Brass Towel Hanger, an astonishing addition to elevate the ambiance of your bathroom. This towel holder is guaranteed to seize attention with its unparalleled allure. Rest assured, you shall not be disheartened by this extraordinary masterpiece.

Artisanally fashioned in Marrakesh, Morocco, this Oval Towel Holder serves as a testament to consummate craftsmanship. Kindly note that the engraving on your towel holder may exhibit slight variations from the photographs, as each piece is meticulously handcrafted, thereby enhancing its exclusivity and allure.

The towel holder is forged from premium-grade brass, guaranteeing resilience and an opulent appearance. Its dimensions are as follows:

Length: 18 cm / 7.08 inches
Width: 13 cm / 5.12 inches
Depth: 6 cm / 2.36 inches
Weight: 424 grams / 0.934 lbs (approximately)

To ensure the immaculate condition of your order upon arrival, we exercise utmost caution in securely packaging it. However, should you encounter any predicaments, I gladly accept returns and exchanges. Please reach out to me within 14 days of delivery and dispatch the items back within 30 days of delivery.

When it comes to cleansing your Brass Towel Holder, it is imperative to handle it with utmost delicacy. Steer clear of detergent, as it can instigate oxidation, leading to irreparable damage. Instead, meticulously cleanse the holder by hand. For cleansing copperware, we recommend employing Pitambri Powder. Regular cleansing is indispensable to eradicate any blemishes caused by the natural process of oxidization inherent in pure copper and brass upon exposure to air and water.

Elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom with this exquisite Unlacquered Brass Towel Hanger. Its intricate artistry and timeless allure are certain to make an indelible statement in your abode.
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