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Moroccan Engraved Brass Water Tap

Moroccan Engraved Brass Water Tap

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Behold! Feast your eyes upon this magnificent creation, the Water Faucet, born from the hands of Moroccan artisans. Crafted with utmost care, the Spigot is bedecked with a resplendent Engraved Rosette, an exquisite design reminiscent of the majestic ostrich feathers. However, it is essential to bear in mind that the actual engraving might deviate slightly from what is displayed in the captivating photographs.

Marvel at the Material that forms this masterpiece: Brass, a metal of extraordinary strength and durability.

As for the Dimensions of this wondrous faucet, behold them in the accompanying photographs, for they are too extraordinary to be described in mere words.

Toil not over its Weight, for it gracefully tips the scales at approximately 1.017 kilograms/ 2.242 pounds, delivering a sense of substance and grandeur.

Fear not, dear customer, for we take great care in packing your order, ensuring its safe passage to your abode. Expect nothing less than excellence upon its arrival. However, if, perchance, you find the need to return or exchange this treasure, we kindly request that you follow these guidelines:

Initiate the process within 14 days of receiving the delivery by reaching out to us.
Return the items within 30 days of receiving the delivery, as the sands of time wait for no man.

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