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Unlacquered Brass Gooseneck Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet

Unlacquered Brass Gooseneck Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet

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Bring a touch of luxury and vintage charm to your kitchen with the Unlacquered Brass Gooseneck Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet. This faucet boasts superior craftsmanship and design, making it a perfect centerpiece for any kitchen.


  • Material: Solid Brass Construction for enduring quality and a hefty feel.
  • Finish: Unlacquered Brass develops a natural patina over time, creating a unique and aged look.
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Spout Reach: 6" for extended reach and functionality in your sink space.
  • Spout Height: 10" provides ample clearance for filling pots and tall containers.
  • Gooseneck Design: 360° swivel spout offers maximum flexibility for all your kitchen tasks.
  • Cartridge: High-quality, quarter-turn cartridge ensures smooth and precise water flow control.
  • Mounting: Wall-mounted design creates a clean and streamlined look, ideal for farmhouse or contemporary kitchens.


Q: What is the benefit of an unlacquered brass finish?

A: Unlacquered brass develops a natural patina over time, creating a unique and vintage aesthetic that complements various kitchen styles. The patina adds character and warmth to your kitchen, and it requires minimal maintenance.

Q: Does the faucet come with mounting hardware?

A: Most reputable retailers will include mounting hardware with the faucet purchase. However, it's always a good idea to check the specific product description to confirm.

Q: Can this faucet be installed on a single-hole sink?

A: No, this faucet is designed for wall mount installation and requires two holes for hot and cold water lines.

Q: How easy is it to maintain the unlacquered brass finish?

A: The beauty of unlacquered brass lies in its minimal maintenance. Wipe it down with a soft cloth and avoid harsh chemicals. The developing patina is a natural process and doesn't require cleaning.

Q: Will the unlacquered brass finish eventually rust?

A: Unlacquered brass develops a patina, not rust—the patina acts as a protective layer for the brass underneath.

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